St. Barnabas provides livestream (and recorded) video of services via its YouTube channel.

This is a discretionary convenience for those who are homebound.

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Bishop Anthony (Diocese of Toledo and the Midwest) has several video recordings.



There are many resources available which provide background on the Orthodox Christian faith. Besides online material available, one of the more comprehensive educational programs is a series called Journey to Fullness. This series is available in several forms for purchase.

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Sounds of prayer

Orthodox hymns and chant throughout the world

Orthodox Liturgical service music is not a form of entertainment, and unsuited for listening outside & apart from services, but many unique hymns and chant can create a backdrop for individual prayer.

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Megaloschemos II
(Bulgarian Orthodox Hymns)

An Hour of Orthodox Chants to Redeem Your Soul

Early Chants of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Russian Orthodox Chant for Relaxation Prayer and Healing

BULGARIA ORTODOXA The Bărbătescă Ortodoxă Choir

Psalm 135 in
Arabic Chants

Orthodox Sacred Hymns for Sleep, Prayer

Orthodox Prayer Chant
Byzantine Church Music

Choral masterpieces of the Russian Orthodox Church

Valaam Choir – Orthodox chants to heal the soul

Music for the Soul – 4 Hours of Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Chants

For my Orthodox brothers and sisters

Trisagion Films

Trisagion Films creates film and video covering aspects of Orthodox worship and practice, pilgrimages, the lives of the saints, iconography and the sacred arts, and recordings of homilies, interviews, and special events.

Saint Spyridon the Wonderworker and Champion of Orthodoxy

Vessel of Grace: The Life of Saint Paisios the Athonite

A Wellspring of Humility – Saint Nektarios of Aegina

St. Catherine the Great Martyr of Alexandria

A Daughter of the Desert (Chronicles of the Desert)

Anthony in the Tombs (Chronicles of the Desert)

“The flow of history confirms the reality of the Gospel: the Church is filled to overflowing with sinners. Does their presence in the Church reduce, violate, or destroy her sanctity? Not in the least! For her Head — the Lord Christ, and her Soul — the Holy Spirit, and her divine teaching, her mysteries, and her virtues, are indissolubly and immutably holy. The Church tolerates sinners, shelters them, and instructs them, that they may be awakened and roused to repentance and spiritual recovery and transfiguration; but they do not hinder the Church from being holy. “

– St Justin Popovich