Ministries & Ways To Serve at St. Barnabas Orthodox Church

Parish Council of St. Barnabas

The St. Barnabas Parish Council leads the Church in administrative, business and financial matters. Fr. Athanasius sits at the head of the Council and works collaboratively with the Council Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and other Council members. Furthermore, there is participation from representatives of the Church School, Choir, Ministries and Teen Group functions to cover all aspects of St. Barnabas operation.

The Parish Council meets monthly to review current Church budget standing, facilities and other business matters. Members from each committee report on progress towards specific goals established at the beginning of the Church year.


The purpose of the Antiochian Women’s Group of St. Barnabas “is to develop among the women a spirit of Christian leadership, awareness, and commitment; to foster a genuine expression of love and service through works of charity; and to instill a sense of fellowship and a deeper understanding of our Holy Orthodox Faith. We are a ‘Sisterhood Serving Christ Through Serving Others.’”

Women who would like to learn about meeting times can contact St. Barnabas for event details. Additional information about the national organization can found at the Antiochian Archdiocese web site at this link and at the Midwest Diocese here.


The Church School of St. Barnabas, consisting of volunteer teachers, provides K through grade 12 children with teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and how to live their daily lives as Orthodox Christians.

The St. Barnabas Church School program provides young people with informaiton and lessons from the Orthodox Christian faith and provides tools to deal with societal challenges.


Prison Ministry

Clergy and parishioners from St. Barnabas minister at three different prisons, two in Marion, and one in London, Ohio. This ministry began around the start of Great Lent in 2011. There are several men who come to our classes and services, some of whom are very interested in the Orthodox Faith and many are now in the Church.

The visits involve prayer, the daily Scripture readings, discussion and teaching related to the readings or other topics that are needed, sometimes a video series, and when the clergy visit, the reception of the Holy Mysteries (Confession, Holy Communion, Holy Unction, and Baptism/Chrismation when needed) by the Orthodox who are present there.


Families In Need

St. Barnabas actively supports select programs which help families who are in need. One of the programs supported is the Big Walnut Friends Who Share located in Sunbury. St. Barnabas provides needed item donations as well as monetary support to this charitable organization.

Members of St. Barnabas also participate in support of a food pantry and soup kitchen operated by St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church. This program provides meals and support to families in the Columbus, Ohio area.


Church cleaning and grounds beautification assistance is frequently provided by the St. Barnabas parishoners.

Much of the ongoing support required for St. Barnabas operation comes from the help of its congregation.


Continual learning in the Orthodox Faith is necessary to maintain a close relationship to Jesus Christ and spiritual awareness. Regular Bible reading and participation in discussion groups help to support this objective.

St. Barnabas offers various forms of Bible Study for those unfamiliar with the Orthodox Christian faith through its Pathfinder’s Class and in special topical faith-based discussions.

bookstore & library

Small, but growing, the bookstore and library support the ministries of the parish, provides educational and religious materials, and adds relevant items regularly. The bookstore was founded to complement the library and to make it more convenient for parishioners and clergy to build personal libraries and to discover new materials.  Our aim is to provide classic as well as new resources about Orthodoxy to encourage spiritual growth, deepen understanding, and help guide us on a Christian path.